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Published Short Stories

“A Walk to Shinabaru”--Virginia Quarterly Review
“End of the Game”--Colorado Quarterly
“The Black Lamb of God”--New Campus Review
“Night Song”--New Campus Review
“After the Wedding”--University Review
“The Baxters in Kiddieland”--Discourse
“The Blankenship Women”--University Review
“The Silo”--Descant
“The Test”--Carolina Quarterly
“Don Quixote in a Blue Porsche”--Seneca Review
“The Fractured God of Rangerville”--Twigs
“The Foreign Thing”--Descant
“Looking for Madeline”--Cavalier
“The Man in the Purple Wool Suit”--Aspen Anthology
“Contemporary Problems in Social Relations”--Pendragon
“New Girl”--Pendragon
“A Walk to Shinabaru”--Eric Clapton’s Lover and Other Stories From The Virginia Quarterly Review
“The Seaside Infirmary”--Robin’s Nest
“Santa Fe Dreaming”--Rio Grande Review
“Coda”--High Plains Literary Review
“Vows”--Weber Studies
“Eclipse”--Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism
“The Nature of Birds”--Weber Studies
“Maja”--Rockhurst Review
“Rondo and Fugue for Two Pianos”--North Dakota Quarterly
“House”--The MacGuffin
“You Look Fine”--Ellipsis
"A Place in the Mountains"--Main Street Rag
"Mazatlan"--Flatirons Literary Review
“A Sheltered Life, With Dancing”–Blue Bonnet Review
“The Time of Our Lives”–101 Words
“The Sycamore Tree”–Prime Number
“The Diaries”–Scarlet Leaf Review
“Notes From a Dead Man”–Conclave
"Summertime, and the Livin' Ain't Easy"--Kestrel