Lawrence Dunning

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Taking Liberty

Born in desperate love and fiery revolution a century ago, from the glittering decadence of the Czarist court, bursts a legacy of unbelievable wealth that pits the CIA against Moscow Intelligence in twisted intrigue. The battleground stretches from the elegant boulevards of Paris to the sun-drenched Cote d'Azur to America's shining symbol of freedom in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty. And for a disillusioned career spy, a ruthless professional killer, and a beautiful Sorbonne professor, the prize is one of the most dazzling and explosive secrets in history.


"I liked all these stories, and LOVED a handfull of them. Most of the stories dealt with some sort of relationship, and all the stories left me with a haunted feeling at the end, the kind of feeling you need to pause and reflect on. And one story in particular struck close to home and almost made me tear up. This is the first book by Lawrence Dunning that I've read, but I will definitely be looking into his novels. He is a masterful storyteller."--Tasha at Goodreads
"At the time of its publication, the present-tense narration of Lawrence Dunning's 'A Walk to Shinabaru' was still rare enough to have the shine of novelty."--George Garrett, editor, Eric Clapton's Lover and Other Stories from the Virginia Quarterly Review (see also heading Stories)
Suspense / Espionage / Thrillers
"Dramatic and immensely visual, an original and intriguing historical supposition"--Publishers Weekly; "If you're a thriller fan you won't want to miss it"--Denver Post
"Dunning is a spellbinding writer who possesses the secret of gripping a reader from chapter one to the epilogue"--Clive Cussler, author of Raise the Titanic
"Fuses one part technology and three parts violence into an implosive thriller"--Houston Post;
"A delight to read"--Denver Post

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